Increase FPS & Performance on Java

Determine if you are lagging:

First step to fixing lag is finding out what is causing the lag. On the Valatic Minecraft server, hit F3 and you should be able to view your FPS. Depending on your PC's hardware, your FPS and performance will vary. 60 FPS and above is a great lag-free amount of FPS. While, 30 or under can be considered laggy and under 20-10 FPS is considered basically unplayable.
Luckily if you find yourself with FPS lag, there are plenty of ways to resolve it and improve it. However if FPS is not why you are lagging it could either be your internet or it could be server-side lag. If you believe the server is lagging, please contact support. To determine if it is your internet causing lag, you can take a Speed Test on google. Fast internet speeds are defined as 200 MBPS download and 20 MBPS upload. The average speeds are 152/21 MBPS.

How to improve FPS on Minecraft Java Edition?

First step into improving your FPS is installing Optifine. Optifine is used by millions of Minecraft players and is highly reputable for improving lag. By installing Optifine you can expect to see an improvement of FPS by double or more. Learn how to install Optifine by clicking here.
But after you install Optifine if you still find yourself lagging, there are more steps you can take to improve your FPS using Optifine. Learn how to improve your FPS with Optifine settings here.
While Optifine is one of the best methods to improve your FPS, you can also do a few more things such as: