Increase FPS & Performance on Bedrock

Determine if you are lagging:

First step to fixing lag is finding out what is causing the lag. You are most likely experiencing FPS drops when lagging on Bedrock. Since Bedrock edition has no legitimate way of checking your FPS whilst playing, it is recommended to go through this article and adjust the appropriate settings. If FPS is not why you are lagging it could either be your internet or it could be server-side lag. If you believe the server is lagging, please contact support. To determine if it is your internet causing lag, you can take a Speed Test on google. Fast internet speeds are defined as 200 MBPS download and 20 MBPS upload. The average speeds are 152/21 MBPS.

How to improve FPS on Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

  • Firstly, FPS may be dropping due to the amount of chunks being loaded in and explored increasing. To resolve this issue and allow your game to run smoother you can decrease your render distance by looking into your video settings.
  • If after decreasing your render distance, you continue to experience lag, attempt to adjust your other graphics in your video settings such as: Fancy Bubbles, Fancy Graphics, etc.
  • Another reason for potential FPS drops on Bedrock Edition is due to high FOV. Higher FOV allows more chunks to be rendered in at once resulting in lag. It is recommended to keep FOV at 60 or below to allow for an increase of FPS.
  • To get more FPS, with Minecraft and any game for that matter would be to close any other applications or programs you are running in the background.