General Command List
/tpa <username> - teleport to a player.
/tpaccept - accept a teleportation request.
/money - check your money.
/lobby - teleport to the server lobby.
/trash - opens a disposal menu.
/cosmetic - opens the cosmetic's menu
/chestshop - view all the chestshop commands
/chestshop remove - removes the chestshop you are looking at.
/sethome - sets a home.
/help - opens the help menu
/home - teleports home.
/delhome <name> - deletes a home.
/homes - lists all homes.
/expandclaim <radius> - expand your claim.
/abandonallclaims - unclaims all your land claims.
/trust <username> - trust a player on your claims.
/untrust <username> - untrust a player on your claim.
/pet - opens the Pets Menu
/pw - shows all player warps.
/pw set <name> creates a player warp.
/pw reset <name> - relocates the player warp.
/pw icon set/remove <name> - set an icon.
/pw ban set <warp name> <username> - bans a player from accessing your warp.
/back - teleport to your previous location
/ignore <username> - ignore a player's chat messages.
/unignore <username> - unignore someone.
/pay <username> <amount> - pay another player.
/paytoggle - toggle your ability to be paid.
/tptoggle - toggle your ability for teleportation.

  • /ob help - list all OneBlock commands.
  • /ob - teleport to your island.
  • /ob info - displays island information
  • /ob count - lists island team members.
  • /ob settings - opens the settings menu for your island.
  • /ob setname <name> - set the name of your island.
  • /ob resetname - resets the name of your island.
  • /ob language <language> - changes the language.
  • /ob team - allows you to manage your team.
  • /ob team invite <username> - invites a player to your island.
  • /ob team trust <username> - gives a player access to your island.
  • /ob team coop <username> coops a player on your island.
  • /ob team kick <username> - kick a player from your island.
  • /ob team leave - allows you to leave your island.
  • /ob team setowner <username> - transfer island ownership.
  • /ob kick <username> kicks a player from your island
  • /ob ban <username> - bans a player from your island.
  • /ob unban <username> - unbans a player form your island.
  • /ob banlist - list all bannds players.
  • /ob reset - reset your entire island to a fresh start.
  • /ob near - shows nearby islands.
  • /ob count - shows the block count and phase your island is in.
  • /ob warp <username> - warps to an island.
  • /ob visit <username> opens a GUI or visits to a specific player.
  • /ob generator - opens the generator selection.
  • /ob bank balance - shows the balance of your island.
  • /ob bank statement - bank balance history.
  • /ob bank deposit <amount> - allows you to put money into your bank.
  • /ob bank withdraw <amount> - allows you to take money from your bank.
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