Server Resets

A Minecraft server reset is when the server player data files get completely deleted and cleared. This includes a players inventory, money balance, ender-chest, and anything else. As well as any worlds or builds. The only thing commonly not reset on servers including Valatic, are ranks. However, items like crate keys, loot boxes, are just seasonal.

The reason resets are crucial to any functioning Minecraft server is because player data files get very large. Server world files get very large, and lag builds up over time. If files get built up over time this causes crashes, plugins to break, disks becoming full. This can lead to many bad consequences.

While the majority of players enjoy server resets. We understand a small amount of players do not. However, server resets are a fundamental part of any server. There is no Minecraft server that doesn't reset, unless they are strictly vanilla. We kindly ask you be polite about your opinion if you choose to voice it. As much as we hate to, we commonly have to permanently ban players who are toxic or disrespectful to staff, players, or the server in-general during a new season.

Valatic honors any customers who purchase items on the webstore within 30 days of a reset is able to get their purchases back upon the new season. Any purchases prior are considered seasonal and will not be restored for the new season. We apologize to whom may find this frustrating or upsetting but we cannot possibly restore thousands of players purchases from months ago.

If you spent money on the Valatic store within 30 days of a reset and would like to get your purchases back, please contact support. Please mention your in-game username and what you purchased. Please note if what you purchased is no longer in the store, we will offer an alternative such as buying a different item(s) in the store for the same value. Please note if you do not contact us within 30 days of a new season, we may not reimburse you.
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