Prison Guide

Prison is a PvP based gamemode where you start off at the lowest tier and have to rank yourself up!

Prison Specific Commands

  • /help - general information on how to play the gamemode.
  • /plot help - information on plots.
  • /arm help - information on cells.
  • /arm addmember <username> - gives a player permission to access your cell.
  • /warp - opens the warp GUI and allows you to TP to different areas.
  • /rankup - with the proper money, this command allows you to rank up to the next rank.
  • /ranks - opens a GUI with all the rank information.
  • /escape - TPs you to spawn within 5 minutes.
  • /prestige - rewards accessible after reaching Inmate V.
  • /spawn - tps you to spawn. This command is only accessible in plot world.

Prison Rules

Due to this gamemode being more Hardcore, the following rules are allowed:
  • TPA or trap killing.
  • Scamming, stealing from, or griefing other players.

Prison Economy

Please refer to Economyfor further information on the Prison economy.