How to make money? (SMP)

There are various ways to make in-game money on our SMP server. Here are a few key factors:
  • Mining - Rare ores such as diamonds, gold, and more can sell for a lot of money. Making it number one on this list. You can sell your minerals on /shop or to other players through chest shops or the auction house.
  • We offer various prizes in our store packages such as crates, loot boxes where you can win in-game money as one of the prizes. This is a great way to get money. You can find our store by going to
  • Farming - Farming is another great way to get money on the SMP. You can create various farms such as cactus, sugarcane, and many other crop farms. Once you have crops to sell, you can sell them to the farmer in the farm at spawn.
  • Quests - Utilize the command /quest to open the quest GUI which has numerous activities you can do with money being earned after completion.
  • Jobs - Utilize the command /jobs to open the jobs GUI and select a job to complete. After completed the selected one, you will earn money and points. Points can be spent on the points shop section of the GUI.
  • And more - While mining and farming are big factors in the economy, just about everything else can be too such as mob hunting, blocks, and so on.

How do I sell items? (SMP)

You can sell items by holding a sellable item and then using the command /sell hand

How do I buy items? (SMP)

You buy items by using the /shop command and navigating to either the auction house or chest shops.

Auction House

The auction house is a way for players to sell and buy in game items from each other. You can easily access it with the command /ah To post an item and sell it, hold the item and use the command /ah sell (price)


The prison economy is severely different from those of SMP. In order to make money you need to go into the different mines (wood mines, ore mines, ranked mines, etc) and gather materials to then sell to the NPC. This NPC can be found in the far back of the wood mine and in the center of the ore mines. You can also make money by selling items to players through auction house.