Earth SMP Guide

Earth SMP is a survival gamemode played on a 1:1 scale of the Earth Map!

Earth Specific Commands

  • /claim <radius> - claim an area of land.
  • /claimlist - shows all your claims' coordinates.
  • /expandclaim <radius> - expand your claim.
  • /unclaim - unclaims the land you are standing in.
  • /abandonallclaims - unclaims all your land claims.
  • /trust <username> - trust a player on your claims.
  • /containertrust <username> - trusts a player to utilize buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, chests and animals on your claim.
  • /permissiontrust <username> - allows the trusted player to trust others onto your claim.
  • /accesstrust <username> - trusts a player to utilize buttons, levers and beds on your claim.
  • /untrust <username> - untrusts a player on your claim.
  • /trustlist - shows all players trusted on your claim.
  • /map - provides the link to the map.
  • /sethome <name> - sets your home in the location you are standing in.
  • /home <name> - TPs you to your home.
  • /homes - shows all your homes.

Getting Claimblocks

Claiming land in Earth SMP requires claimblocks. You can obtain claimblocks through playtime. However, you will not be able to gain any whilst AFK.