Why can't I connect?

Common circumstances:

Server Restarts

  • We automatically restart our servers every single night for performance and updates. Restarts lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to ten minutes and do not affect player progress in any way.

Client Version

  • You are on an outdated or too updated version of Minecraft, please contact support if you are not sure.

Downtime or Maintenance

  • While this does not happen often, sometimes we are down for maintenance. This means our servers are temporally un-join-able. Usually we would clarify this when you attempt to join the server, and we would always announce it on our Discord.

Solutions to Resolve Connection Issues:

We aim to make Valatic as stable as possible for both Bedrock and Java users, however, at times it can be out of our control. The following are some suggestions so you can try to troubleshoot this issue:
  • Try restarting your Minecraft. If the issue persists:
  • Try restarting your device. If the issue persists:
  • If you have another device, attempt to log onto that device to see if it works.
If you have attempted all of the above and are still experiencing issues: please obtain a clear photo or video and report it in a ticket on our Support discord where we will gladly assist you further!