Staff FAQ

How to become a Staff Member

You can submit an application for staff on our Discord Everyone starts off as a Trainee and you can be promoted to higher ranks later on.

What does a Staff Member do?

There are different types of staff members. Trainee - A trainee's main duty is to ensure the chats are being monitored and players are being assisted if need be. Helper - A helper’s main focus is to ensure chat is being monitored. This is both for ensuring players' questions are being answered and chat violations are being handled. They also make sure players are following all the rules Junior Mod Rank - Junior moderators do everything Helper's do, with the main difference being have a little more abilities. Moderator Rank - Moderators do everything Helper's and Junior Moderator's do, the only thing different is they have more abilities. Moderators handle all billing issues such as someone not receiving the rank they purchased or any other issues with their purchase. Senior Mod Rank - Senior moderators help manage the staff team. They are responsible for one team. They take on a more leadership role within the staff team. Junior Administrative Rank - Junior Admins assist Senior Mods with any issues as well as help Admins with any minor issues. Administrative Rank - Admins help assist with the server itself, the community, the overall staff team, and anything else!

How can I increase my chances of getting staff?

There are a variety of methods you can apply that will automatically increase your chances of becoming a staff member. Here are some tips we would like to share with you:
  • Have a good reputation with the staff team and community.
  • Have a clean punishment record.
  • Support the server by purchasing goods on our store.
  • Having a good playtime amount.
  • Being mature and professional.
  • Being a part of the community for some time before applying.

How can I write a well-written staff application?

Here are some of the best possible tips to writing a fantastic staff application.
  • Be honest and do not lie in your application. This will start you off poorly.
  • Always make sure you are using proper grammar and punctuation. Use full sentences and have detail in your application to make it stand out.
  • Have previous staff experience on other Minecraft servers and provide proof.
  • Include how you are dedicated to the server, your activity, reputation, teamwork skills, and anything else you feel like sharing with us.

Are staff paid?

The staff team is made up of volunteers who volunteer their time to help keep the Valatic community safe and thriving. While there are special perks and bonuses you get as a staff member, it is mostly a volunteer position. Unfortunately no Minecraft servers are able to pay staff members due to the costs and type of job it is.